Ideation Equation

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A book feature of Ideation Equation: How a Handful of Habits Can make You a Creative Genius

A book review of Ideation Equation: How a Handful of Habits Can make You a Creative Genius

Stars: ****

Self-Published (2022)
Popular Psychology
252 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: The Ideation Equation establishes the core habits for becoming a highly creative thinker, similar to how other books focused on habits have helped millions of people to become better leaders, improve their general efficiency, enjoy superior health, have better relationships, and countless other great things.

Through insights from neuroscience, psychology, and social science, as well as the author’s own experience, this book examines the link between our habits and how we get the most amazing ideas, and provides a clear blueprint for more creative thinking in the process. It is an intense and deeply engaging learning experience, but also a joyful read, and not seldom funny.

The Ideation Equation enables you to:

  • Use creative thinking techniques already embedded in your brain;
  • Explore the path to groundbreaking ideas used by Nobel Laureates, iconic inventors, and tech billionaires;
  • Understand complex neuroscience concepts through engaging analogies;
  • Unlock the potential of your own mind by learning new behaviors;
  • See how your own creative mind works, so that you can use it at will.

If you want to get past the platitudes, to ‘think outside the box’, ‘connect the dots’, and ‘fail fast’, to discover where and what these sayings are derived from, and what the true implications are for ideation and innovation, then this book is for you!

The Ideation Equation

The book is all about being a creative thinker. The 5 main factors are learn about all sorts of random things, expand your thinking box, make use of your brain’s innate ability to connect things, take control by marinating in a specific challenge and capture and make sense of your brain’s magic.

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