Learning To Be A Little Astronomer

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A book review of Learning To Be A Little Astronomer by Caitlin Amber Snyman.

A book review of Learning To Be A Little Astronomer by Caitlin Amber Snyman.

Stars: ***

Self Published (2023)
Children’s Nonfiction
24 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: ‘Learning to be a Little Astronomer’ is the second book in my new series ‘Learning to be a Little Scientist’.

It is a fun way to teach the children of today and leaders of tomorrow, about the larger aspects of our universe, covering details of planets in our solar system and different celestial objects in space. Likewise, information regarding space travel and the opportunities to become an Astronaut are portrayed. This book is non biased, offering only factual information that has not been disputed, making it inclusive to everyone.

Whether you are young or old, this book is perfect for all ages, offering an opportunity to learn something new on every page. As a child I wanted to be a biologist, and so I wrote this book in a style that I would have found attractive to me! The fun images and bring colours leave a lasting memory, helping the information to stay with you even when you put the book down. Complete with interesting activities and clear, understandable information!

If you are a parent that believes your child will grow up with a strong intellectual mind, then this is the book for you, let us develop those young minds together!

Learning to Be A Little Astronomer

This is a short little book that would be best for ages 8+ because it contains a lot of words. It could definitely be read to a younger crowd though. Learn about space, space travel, stars and planets.

Included are constellations, the difference between celestial bodies, planets, humans in space and a bit more. At the end are a few puzzles that can be completed directly in the book like a trivia section, a word search and a matchup game.

The book is sweet and the second book in the Learning to Be a Scientist series after A Little Geologist. However it’s very basic and I think it would have been better with the words spread out among more pages so there is less words on each page. Also the words are on top of the illustrations which make it harder to read. Changing those two simple things would make this a great gift for an aspiring astronomer.

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