Not Your Father’s America

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A book review of Not Your Father’s America: An Adventure Raising Triplets in a Country Being Changed by Greed by Cort Casady

A book review of Not Your Father's America: An Adventure Raising Triplets in a Country Being Changed by Greed by Cort Casady

Stars: ****

Cadence Group (2023)
240 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Barbara and Cort were a happily married couple when they decided to have children. But they had no idea the struggle and dangers they would face getting pregnant, as well as the heartbreaking loss. When the couple finally become pregnant and safely deliver triplets, they must dive in — overwhelmed and outnumbered — to face the exhausting and unrelenting demands of caring for three babies at once. Cort leads the reader through an intimate depiction of the joys and struggles of being thrust into parenthood in a memoir that tackles fatherhood through the lens of today’s social, political, and economic climate. 

Not Your Father’s America

I love reading about multiples and this book delivered. Triplets are rare although not as rare as they used to be. Still, I love reading about it. Two things make this book different. First of all the author is male. You usually see books about raising multiples told from the point of view of the mother. Second the book is not just about multiples, but about how America has changed.

Seeing as I’m Canadian, I didn’t care as much for that part as an American probably would but that’s okay. If you are an American and want to compare how raising kids today is different from how you were raised, you would enjoy that part of the book.

If you are expecting triplets or multiple of some kind you might find this memoir helpful.

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