Feeling Normal Again

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A book review of Feeling Normal Again: a Post-Pandemic Guide to Emotional Health by Stephen J. Kristof

A book review of Feeling Normal Again: a Post-Pandemic Guide to Emotional Health by Stephen J. Kristof

Stars: ***

Self-Published (2021)
Mental Health
240 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: After 2 years of pandemic life, it’s time to Feel Normal Again! This book provides 50+ easy-to-use strategies to help you heal from the emotional and social damage that Covid-19 left in its wake. It’s not your fault that you feel beat-up! We’ve just experienced one of the biggest crisis events in the past century. This “must-read” book is a timely prescription for 2022. It will help you to: Take Control of Anxiety and Worry, Increase Emotional and Physical Resilience, Recharge from Covid-Fatigue, Regain Mental Energy and Balance, Improve Quality of Sleep, Repair Important Relationships, Start Socializing Again; Strengthen Social Life, Eliminate Toxic Relationships, Find Life Interesting and Fun Again, Stop Being Fearful of Ordinary Things, Focus on the Positive, Heal from Loss, Recharge Your Faith and Regain Hope.

THIS BOOK is the ultimate “Post-Pandemic” guide to help you feel even better than normal!

Feeling Normal Again

COVID is still around (I have it here as I type) but the pandemic does seems to be winding down. It’s not gone but it’s time to start rebuilding our lives, our relationships, our jobs and our mental health.

This little book was a pretty good guide to how to heal from 2 years of pandemic hell. After the first few chapters entitled: How Did We Get Here?, Where Are We Now? and The Media’s Role is the fourth chapter on How Are You Feeling? For each potential impact to our lives, it is discussed in detail. Impacts such as sleep problems, anxiety, COVID PTSD and so much more.

Chapter 5 is your personal emotional toolbox and includes tools such as treat your body well, focus on the positive and renew friendships and start new ones. A lot of this information IS straight forward and may be obvious but sometimes you need obvious written down in an order to actually start it. Have you ever known you should do something but didn’t do it till you’ve seen it written in a book or article?

Chapters 6-11 cover a range of other topics but Chapters 4 and 5 contain the majority of the text.

Copies of this book should be in every library. It’s time we get back to normal.

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