Weird Birds

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A book review of Weird Birds by Chris Earley

A book review of Weird Birds by Chris Earley - see beautiful full colour photographs of weird birds plus a paragraph of facts.

Stars: *****

Firefly Books (2014)
Children’s Nonfiction Picture Book
64 pages

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Summary: Some birds look bizarre. Some behave that way. In almost all cases, their appearance has an important function — in evolution or every day. This colorful book exposes more than 50 strange birds, preening, stretching, and showing their strange bodily adaptations.

Weird Birds features:

  • Beautiful photographs that show the birds in sharp, clear detail
  • Informative captions that provide fascinating details about the lives of these intriguing creatures.

Available in hardcover and paperback, the book will appeal to middle school students exploring topic ideas, younger students interested in wildlife and advanced readers who enjoy picture books.

Weird Birds

I picked this up at the library to go with our bird study in our homeschool. It is so much fun! Who knew there were so MANY birds that look odd or are odd for many different reasons.

This book is simple but beautiful. Each page we are introduced to a different type of bird. Beautiful and colourful, the photos of the birds make them look like they are right in front of you. They just POP. Each page has just a paragraph of text which tells you the birds common name and scientific name and then a little about what makes it a weird bird.

In some cases the bird LOOKS weird like the Greater Sage-Grouse (seriously, google a photo!) and some are weird because of other reasons like the Ostrich which is weird because it’s the biggest bird in the world.

This was a bit long to read in one sitting but otherwise was very fun to look at and read while learning about birds. What I did after reading was have my children pick one to draw and write two facts about.

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