Three Things Matter Most

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A book review of Three Things Matter Most: Linking Time, Relationships and Money by Brett Atlas

A book review of Three Things Matter Most: Linking Time, Relationships and Money by Brett Atlas

Stars: ***

Addicus Books (2021)
242 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: You’re only here once. Make it count. If you were asked to tell your life story, would it be one of a life well-lived? According to author Brett Atlas, as our lives evolve at an ever-increasing pace, we have become detached from the universal truths which define our existence. As a result, we risk prioritizing the immaterial while neglecting the essential.

In Three Things Matter Most, Atlas explains that how we approach time, relationships, and money has the biggest impact on our lives. The way we balance these three precious resources makes the difference between a life filled with meaning and a life rife with disappointment. Drawing from centuries of wisdom, philosophy, and psychology, as well as from personal experience, Atlas offers an easy-to-follow road map to self-fulfillment and happiness.

Three Things Matter Most

Most self help books talk about so many different things that it can be hard to follow their advice. I realize lots of things are connected but sometimes books take on too much.

This book focuses on three things: time, relationships and money and YES the interaction between the three. It’s a straightforward book for people who want advice and they want it now. It’s not full of cutesy graphics or swirly fonts.

I’m not sure I could articulate why but this book seems perfect for college age men. That’s not to say women or younger or older people cannot enjoy it of course. It’s just the feeling I get. It’s straightforward which both busy people (college) and men seem to be.

Stories are told in the book that help explain the points the author is trying to make. It’s a good book if you want an easy to understand self help book on prioritizing your life.

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