5 Butterflies

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A book review of 5 Butterflies by Carol Pasternak

A book review of 5 Butterflies by Carol Pasternak

Stars: ****

Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2022)
Children’s Nonfiction>Insects
64 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: 5 Butterflies is a fascinating account of the life cycles of Monarch Butterflies, Eastern Black Swallowtails, American Ladies, Question Marks… and the Cecropia moth!

Discover the amazing transformations of 5 worm-like caterpillars into stunning butterflies. Read about what they eat, and what wants to eat them. Learn where to find them in the world and how to attract them to your yard or school garden. Experience the thrill of the egg and caterpillar hunt, and the exhilaration of setting your butterfly free.

5 Butterflies will help young naturalists explore such issues as insect conservation, monarch protection in Mexico, butterflies in captivity and butterfly symbolism around the world.

5 Butterflies

This is a good book if you or your child are looking to learn more about butterflies, whether for school or person interest. Discussed is the difference between a Butterfly and a Moth, butterfly anatomy and lots of information. It’s Canadian based which I love as a Canadian.

How to protect monarchs and other caterpillars is discussed as is inviting butterflies to your garden and even the spirituality of Butterflies. This is about the symbolic meaning of butterflies around the world. Chapter 11 is titled The Planet Needs Your Help and talks about how we can help butterflies.

The book is full of text and beautiful full colour photographs. It’s a gorgeous introduction to butterflies but it’s for an older crowd. It’s designed for ages 7-10 and that would be a good interest level but I’d say reading level would be 10+.

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