2022 Night Sky Almanac

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A book review of 2022 Night Sky Almanac: a Month-by-Month Guide to North America’s Skies from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada by Nicole Mortillaro

A book review of 2022 Night Sky Almanac: a Month-by-Month Guide to North America's Skies from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada by Nicole Mortillaro

Stars: ****

Firefly Books (2021)
Astronomy Guide
120 pages

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Summary: 2022 Night Sky Almanac is the ideal resource for both novice and experienced sky watchers in the United States and Canada, with all of the advice, information and data that enthusiasts need to understand and enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

This in-depth guide first introduces readers to the objects in the sky — from stars, to comets, to globular clusters — and then takes them through the cosmic events to look out for each month in 2022, with sky maps, moon phase charts and info about the planets. The book also features:

  • Methods for using your hands to measure angles in the sky
  • Information about binoculars and telescopes
  • A glossary of terms
  • A list of helpful resources
  • And much, much more!

2022 Night Sky Almanac is both a comprehensive introduction to astronomy and a quick reference book for more experienced sky watchers who don’t want to miss a thing. Its compact size means it’s perfect for taking on an “astro-vacation” or simply sky viewing in the backyard.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) was founded ad hoc in 1868 and incorporated in 1890 with a dual membership of professionals and amateurs. It has 29 Canadian chapters and over 5,000 members. The Journal of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is entering its 115th year of publication, and the RASC also produces a number of other publications and guidebooks.

2022 Night Sky Almanac

This is a great guide to the night sky for 2022. Yes it’s almost half over but that means there is still half a year to use this guide. (Well if you are reading this when I post it.) It’s published in Canada but the US has the same general view of the sky so they can use it too.

The book starts of with a little explanation of how to view the night sky. Then follows the basic items such as sun, moon, constellations, comets, meteors etc. This section is 40 pages long so it’s not just a little bit. Then it breaks up into months. For each month astronomical events are listed including moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses and planet placements.

A calendar of moon phases is shown and some explanations with it. Then you can see a display of what you would see in the Southern and Northern skies.

An example of the inside of the 2022 Night Sky Almanac from Firefly Books

If you want to start looking at the night sky, whether with a new telescope or with binoculars and you want to start in 2022, this is your guide. If it’s not 2022 anymore, search your bookstores or Amazon for the newest version of this book.

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