The Invisible Universe

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A book review of The Invisible Universe: Why There’s More to Reality than Meets the Eye by Matthew Bothwell

This book was reviewed by my teenage daughter.

A book review of The Invisible Universe: Why There's More to Reality than Meets the Eye by Matthew Bothwell

Stars: *****

One World Publications (2021)
320 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: A guide to the 99% of the Universe our eyes can’t see from a dazzling new voice in popular science

From the discovery of entirely new kinds of galaxies to a window into cosmic ‘prehistory’, Bothwell shows us the Universe as we’ve never seen it before – literally.

Since the dawn of our species, people all over the world have gazed in awe at the night sky. But for all the beauty and wonder of the stars, when we look with just our eyes we are seeing and appreciating only a tiny fraction of the Universe. What does the cosmos have in store for us beyond the phenomena we can see, from black holes to supernovas? How different does the invisible Universe look from the home we thought we knew? Dr Matt Bothwell takes us on a journey through the full spectrum of light and beyond, revealing what we have learned about the mysteries of the Universe.

This book is a guide to the ninety-nine per cent of cosmic reality we can’t see – the Universe that is hidden, right in front of our eyes. It is also the endpoint of a scientific detective story thousands of years in the telling. It is a tour through our Invisible Universe.

The Invisible Universe

This is a beautifully articulated and informative book all about the wonders of our universe and the history behind it all. I was drawn to this book because the concept of space and all that’s in it interested me, and reading this has made me even more fascinated. It is truly a page-turner and was really hard to put down once I started reading.

I am fourteen years old, in highschool, and I would say that this book’s target audience should be at least highschool age/level. As cool as I found the book, there were a few parts that were a bit higher than my level of understanding, but for the most part I could grasp it. There are a few basic math or science concepts, like exponents and the parts of an atom. If you know them it will make it much easier to understand what the author is saying.

Some of what this book covers is: light, the infrared, wavelengths, the start of the universe, stars, black holes, dark matter, galaxies, dark energy, ripples in space and time, and what the future of our universe looks like.

The author uses many well-described analogies that really help you to understand the significance of something. I have learned so much because of this book. So, if you already have a basic level understanding of space or are interested in finding out more, than I would highly recommend this book.

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