Your Passport to Australia

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A book review of Your Passport to Australia (World Passport) by A. M. Reynolds

A book review of Your Passport to Australia (World Passport) by A. M. Reynolds

Stars: ****

Capstone Press (2022)
Children’s Nonfiction
32 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: What is it like to live in or visit Australia? What makes Australia’s culture unique? Explore the geography, traditions, and daily lives of Australian people. Learn about the customs, traditions, food, celebrations, and landmarks that distinguish Australia from other countries. Experience what it might be like to live in Australia through vibrant photos, engaging text, unique recipes, and fun activities.

Your Passport to Australia

This is a cute little book if your children want to learn about Australia on their own or are studying it for homeschool or homework. It’s designed for ages 8-12 and I’d say that’s about right for interest level. If your child can read it on their own depends on their reading level. It helps that the words are bigger and broken into paragraphs. If your child is reading at a grade 3 level or above I’d say they can read most of it.

There are colour photographs so the pages pop and you will want to turn the page. Chapters are Welcome to Australia, History of Australia, Explore Australia, Daily Life, Holidays and Celebrations and Sports and Recreation.

There are other books in the series too including Egypt, Italy, Kenya, Sri Lanka and so many more.

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