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A book review of Blooming: Finding Gifts in the Shit of Life by Carrington Smith

A book review of Blooming: Finding Gifts in the Shit of Life by Carrington Smith

Stars: ****

Lioncrest Publishing (2021)
228 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Are you a little too comfortable with self-loathing? Tired of feeling like you are not enough?

This book is for you. Carrington Smith spent a lifetime trying to be someone else—to fit in, to be loved, to keep the peace, and to make others happy. Until finally, Carrington discovered that her own path to happiness wasn’t based on fitting in but on standing out—celebrating her uniqueness and owning her past.

Candid and raw, Blooming takes you on a treasure hunt to discover the gifts in the shit. Shit is quite literally fertilizer. It is in the messes, failures, trauma, and difficulties of life that we discover what we need to bloom into our greatness.

From trauma to triumph, through the depths of sexual assault, religious mind-fuckery, family rejection, body dysmorphia, mid-life metamorphosis, physical scarring, and death into happiness, forgiveness, empathy, purpose, belonging, and joy, Blooming is a poignant, powerful account of finding your way through the shit.


This is a book about the shit of life. I don’t like to swear but there is no better way to explain it. The author has gone through all forms of such things. The summary shows just what she has gone through so if you didn’t read it, scroll back up.

She shows that your life doesn’t have to be going well to find the good in it. It’s one thing if someone says that in a book but their life has been pretty average or even above average. When Carrington tells you this, you believe it. You can tell she means it by her tone and words. You can tell it even more so because she has gone through so much and yet she has found meaning in her life.

The book includes book group questions incase you want to read and discuss the book with your book group. I think this would make a great book group book.

If you need to see the good in your life when things are not going well, this would be a good book to pick up.

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