Floating Candle

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A book review of Floating Candle by Sparrow Starfall Sardothian (formerly known as Kentreene Anderson)

A book review of Floating Candle by Sparrow Starfall Sardothian (formerly known as Kentreene Anderson)

Stars: *****

Sparrow Sardothian (2021)
251 pages

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Summary: Only you can decide what your limitations are.
That’s what Sparrow Sardothian proves in her debut book and autobiography, as she overcomes her labeled “disability” and the discrimination and bullying she faces because of it.

Truthfully and touchingly written from the heart, this personal memoir tells of the bravery and strength of an African American woman who lived in poverty and dysfunction while slowly going blind. She shares honestly about her experience losing her vision as a pre-teen and how she had to re-learn everything from scratch.

Floating Candle is a powerful, emotional piece that tells how Sparrow rediscovered herself by developing a sense of fashion, redefining freedom, forging friendships, and finding love and purpose. She shares lessons she learned along the way, from mistakes and broken relationships to encouraging vignettes. This poignant story paints the picture of a lost girl, stumbling in the darkness, who became a strong-willed, unbreakable, and fierce woman.

Floating Candle

This is the memoir of a woman who is born with perfect vision but loses it all before she is a teenager. This isn’t a pity party, this is a book of strength. Kentreene overcomes her disability and focuses on ability. From reading about other people with low or no vision, I know that blind people can do just about anything sighted people can. However even I was shocked at how much she could do. I guess you really do adapt to your loss of sight although it’s obviously not an easy process.

At the end of the book she shares why she changed her name from Kentreene to Sparrow. It’s a beautiful story of inner strength and facing adversity. She shares growing up, adjusting to her blindness and her early adulthood including marriage and friendships and starting over a few times.

It’s not a long book and I read it pretty much straight through. I was riveted the whole time to see what would happen next. Sparrow shares her story in a way that makes you feel like you are there, like you are her.

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