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A book review of Plantiful: Over 75 Vibrant Vegan Comfort Foods by Francesca Bonadonna

A book review of Plantiful: Over 75 Vibrant Vegan Comfort Foods by Francesca Bonadonna

Stars: ****

Victory Belt Publishing (2021)
208 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Francesca Bonadonna, of Plantifully Based delivers a fresh and creative approach to vegan cooking in her new book, Plantiful: Over 75 Vibrant Vegan Comfort Foods. With an emphasis on comfort, quality, and taste, she draws upon her Italian American heritage to bring familiar flavors and delectable dishes to your table. 

Plantiful teaches you how to easily transform plant-based foods into hearty and nourishing meals. With an array of creamy, saucy, and crispy creations, Francesca dispels any misconceptions that vegan food lacks the pleasing flavors and textures of its non-vegan counterparts. Each recipe is made from high-quality but easily accessible ingredients, with a simple format that makes cooking both easy and fun.  

Francesca guides you each step of the way in creating satisfying meals and snacks that are perfect for sharing. Whether you are a seasoned vegan cook or are looking to expand your repertoire of plant-based meals, she has you covered with over 75 foolproof recipes, along with kitchen tricks and tips for overcoming common challenges, allowing you to find joy and inspiration on your cooking journey!


I’m not Vegan but my daughter sometimes has to eat Vegan because she’s allergic to milk. If something is Vegan, we know it’s safe for her to eat.

The recipes look so delicious I plan to try a few of them with meat and eggs put back in for myself. There are some though that looks easy enough that I can make for the whole family and no one will notice the lack of meat.

The recipes are separated into: Breakfast Comforts, Bites, Comfort Bowls, Mains, Desserts and Basics. I thought Basics should have been first but it’s simple recipes like Vegan Ranch Dressing, not a general how-to so I guess it’s okay where it is.

Each recipe contains an introduction to the meal first. The obvious things like ingredients, instructions, yield, prep and cook time are included too. Thankfully there is a large colour photo. I think that’s a must personally.

The author is Italian so a lot of the recipes have a Vegan Italian theme. However there are plenty of other cuisines as well.

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