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A book review The Authenticity Code: The Art and Science of Success and Why You Can’t Fake It to Make It by Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman

A book review The Authenticity Code: The Art and Science of Success and Why You Can't Fake It to Make It by Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman

Stars: ****

Greenleaf Book Group Press (2021)
Personal Success
178 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: The Authenticity Code™ combines the best of a page-turner parable and a practical tool business book to deliver encouragement and proven tools for cracking the code to becoming a more authentic professional or leader. When you become more authentic, you do what you came here to do and be who you came here to be. You communicate more effectively, and the success you desire in your life and career becomes achievable.

The effectiveness of these tools is proven from the over 20 years that Dr. Sharon’s company, Inside-Out Learning, has been teaching them to their Fortune 500, mid-, and small-size business clients. Results across thousands of clients include getting promoted, landing a dream job, significantly increasing sales and revenue, developing confidence and loyalty, greatly enhancing professional, leadership, and communication skills, and improving your personal life. The promotion rate for individuals is 50-80% within a year of completing one of Inside Out Learning’s 3- to 5-day programs. Now you have the opportunity to achieve these exceptional results in an easy-to-read book format.

The Authenticity Code™ tells the story of a fictional corporate vice president choosing a sales director from two talented protégés. After they present their cases, he realizes that neither of them is impressive enough to qualify. Instead of giving up, the leader sets out to teach his candidates what they need to know via The Authenticity Code™ Program. Like the candidates in the book, you, the reader, will learn to look within yourself and decide who you truly are and what you really want from life and work―and how to go about getting it.

The Authenticity Code

As mentioned in the summary, this book is written like a parable. It’s a made up story of two employees who are trying to get the same promotion. But the book is still nonfiction because throughout the story the concept of authenticity and the Authenticity Code Program.

Throughout the book are questions with blank spaces to write your answers. I think the questions are better than the average book that has study questions. This book is designed especially for those who work at a business where presentations are used. The two employees we read about have to give a presentation on why they should get the promotion. Then they are taught how to do a better presentation.

I think it’s a worthwhile business book and recommend it to those in relevant situations. Even though I don’t work, I found the book interesting and I feel like I could put some of the suggestions to use in my life.

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