March of Madness

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A book review of March of Madness: A Journey Into Depression by Jimmie Ray Pennington

A book review of March of Madness: A Journey Into Depression by Jimmie Ray Pennington

Stars: ***

Self-Published (2021)
Memoir/Mental Health
158 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Taken from the pages of the author’s personal journals, MARCH OF MADNESS: A Journey Into Depression reflects the dark and often tormented days he experienced while battling depression. The book transcribes the dark poetry and journal entries from those pages, with his own reflection of dealing with those emotions.

Throughout the book the many poems and intimate journal entries reveal the darkness, emptiness, confusion and sadness which he battled for so long. This is a deeply personal account of one man’s battle with an all too familiar disease.

March of Madness

I was interested in this book because I also have a journal that I occasionally write in when my mental health is unwell. I wanted to see if perhaps sharing mine in a book might be interesting to others.

I must say the author’s journal entries and poetry are much different from mine. I’m not much of a poetry person so I enjoyed the main story and journal entries more. However his poems were well written, I could tell that.

If you have ever wondered what a deep, severe depression is like, you should read this book. The author suffered from a severe depression. This isn’t that sad feeling that some people call depression, this is real depression. As someone with Bipolar, I know that depression, although I haven’t had a severe depression since I was a teenager. I struggle more with mania.

You might want to read this book along with a lighter book, even if you don’t normally read more than one book at once. Reading about someone’s depression can make you feel sad or focus on your negative thoughts. If you are struggling to understand someone with depression, you should pick up this book.

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