Sin Child

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A book review of Sin Child: a Memoir by Angela Howard

A book review of Sin Child: a Memoir by Angela Howard - the story of her traumatic childhood and how she overcame.

Stars: ****

Austin Macauley (2021)
233 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: After years of abuse, Angela Howard has found her voice helping others suffering PTSD from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Angela Howard was a strong-minded girl who endured a daily struggle to find acceptance and, often, a place to sleep at night. A cotton-top child with a neglectful, angry mother and an absent father, Angela’s innocence faded too fast, and she came to accept loss and abuse as a natural part of her life.

Sin Child tells the story of Angela’s harrowing childhood in a small Mississippi town. Marked by organized crime, violence, and physical and emotional abuse, Angela’s formative years form a riveting memoir—a gutsy and gritty story with no silver lining. Showing resiliency and maturity at a young age, she becomes a strong ad respected woman through her resolve to survive and achieve.

Sin Child continues a national discussion about the role of childhood trauma in personal development. Today Angela is a dedicated advocate for those suffering from ACE trauma, working to increase awareness and recognition of the lasting physical and emotional impacts of extreme childhood abuse and neglect.

Sin Child

I thought originally that the title of the book was the author calling herself a sin child because she felt sinful for what happened to her. I was wrong. I’m glad she wasn’t calling herself that, but someone else did. A bunch of people actually. It’s terrible. It’s not about what was done to her, but about her being a child out of wedlock and out of a certain religion. As if she had anything to do with that.

Angela had a traumatic childhood and she shares it all here in her book. I hope writing it out and sharing it has helped with her healing. Every time something good happens, it gets taken away. In the end though she perseveres and turns around what happened to her into helping others.

The book was intriguing and I read it in one sitting. Although I cannot identify with what Angela went through but she is strong and I’m glad she is helping others with trauma now. Those people are better off with someone who understands.

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