The Tribe of Tiger

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A book review The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

A book review The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Stars: ***

Simon & Schuster (1994) – version I read
Gallery Books (2001) – updated version
288 pages

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Summary: From the plains of Africa to her very own backyard, noted author and anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas explores the world of cats, both large and small in this classic bestseller. Inspired by her own feline’s instinct to hunt and supported by her studies abroad, Thomas examines the life actions, as well as the similarities and differences of these majestic creatures. Lions, tigers, pumas and housecats: Her observations shed light on their social lives, thought processes, eating habits, and communication techniques, and reveal how they survive and coexist with each other and with humans.

The Tribe of Tiger

This book is about all cats/felines, not just housecats. Although it’s called The Tribe of Tiger, she really only talked about Tigers at the end of the book. It was mostly about Lions and housecats.

The author also wrote two books about dogs/canines that I read long ago (before I blogged.) The Hidden Life of Dogs and the Social Life of Dogs were both good reads.

Although it’s interesting to learn more about how cats behave naturally, the book is a bit of a dry read because it’s so scientific. You can read an excerpt of Chapter one at Amazon (scroll down) to see what I mean.

The book can help you understand your pet cats better. Especially if you have a cat that you let out and wanders around. For example cats have scent glands in their cheeks. When they rub against you with their face, they are marking you as theirs. If you are thinking of getting this book, I suggest checking out the excerpt first.

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