The Straight A Handbook

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A book review of The Straight A Handbook: The 50 Most Powerful Secrets for Ultimate Success In and Out of the Classroom by John Chuback, M.D.

A book review of The Straight A Handbook: The 50 Most Powerful Secrets for Ultimate Success In and Out of the Classroom by John Chuback, M.D.

Stars: ****

Independently Published (2021)
Study Guides
124 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: The Straight A Handbook was written out of a love for learning, scholastic achievement, professional success and personal development. Dr. Chuback was raised from early childhood to greatly respect the importance of all of these worthy goals. Because the author has had an unusually lengthy and rigorous academic experience, which led to a challenging but equally rewarding career, he brings a rare expertise to the subject of academic excellence and the inner growth of the individual. The ideas, techniques and philosophies shared here are not only applicable to the classroom, but to the workplace, the business world and interpersonal relationships as well. Almost everything taught in these pages are ideas which arose from real life experiences which the doctor encountered on his journey to becoming a successful surgeon, entrepreneur, inventor and author. He was fortunate to have been the student of numerous highly accomplished individuals, each of whom possessed a wealth of knowledge which they generously shared. It is his great pleasure to pass these treasures along to anyone who is serious about becoming their best self. The essential message here is that there are proven and reproducible steps which if taken will allow anyone to ascend to great heights. This book should not be simply read through once and cast aside, but rather, studied seriously and gone back over again and again until the practices become habitual in the daily life of the reader. It is Dr. Chuback’s very strong belief that if one were to master even 10 of the 50 skills put forth here, that the student’s success would not only be extremely likely, but practically inevitable.

The Straight A Handbook

This wasn’t quite what I was expecting but was still a good book. I was expecting more simple tips on studying for tests or writing good essays. I read books like that when I was a teen. This is more written for the older teen to college and graduate school aged people.

The author is a surgeon and so he talks about what he learned going through all 13 years of school after high school to become a surgeon. He learned a lot (50 tips) which he shares here. A few I’ve heard before but many I haven’t. Even the ones I’ve heard before were explained more thoroughly.

Each chapter is one tip so it’s easy to read this book in bursts such as on a bus or in the bathroom.

I felt like the author talks a little too much about being surgeon but I will say that for an indie book, it looks professionally published and was a good read.

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