The Complete Cookbook for Teens

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A book review of The Complete Cookbook for Teens: 120+ Recipes to Level Up Your Kitchen Game by Julee Morrison.

A book review of The Complete Cookbook for Teens by Julee Morrison.

Stars: *****

Rockridge Press (2020)
Teen Non-fiction/Cookbook
200 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: For teens, learning to cook doesn’t just help them eat well―it can encourage flavor exploration, unlock creativity, and build confidence. The Complete Cookbook for Teens teaches young adults a range of cooking skills through straightforward instructions, plenty of tips and tricks, and more than 120 easy recipes.

Inside this cookbook for teens, young chefs will learn to follow a recipe, set up their workstation, clean as they go, plate a dish, and more. There’s also a glossary of cooking terminology and a comprehensive guide to staying safe in the kitchen. Teenagers will have a great time in the kitchen while picking up new skills with this teen cookbook!

The Complete Cookbook for Teens

My teens can cook basic meals and they like to look up recipes to try on their own. So I asked if I could review this book to give them more ideas. This is a great cookbook for teens. It’s not boring stuff like spaghetti or hamburgers. It has interesting recipes that are healthier but not necessarily hard to find ingredients for.

Each recipe is rated 1-3 stars for difficulty level. Also they all have labels for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and nut-free that you can see quickly. There is also a label for extra-quick. I really appreciate these labels as do my teens because I have a daughter who is allergic to milk. Also included is prep time, cook time and serving counts.

The recipes are broken up into chapters that start with an intro to cooking and then go to breakfast, snacks/sides/drinks, cooking for yourself, cooking for a group (meatless), cooking for a group (meat and seafood), sauces/dips and desserts.

The intro is titled Get in the Kitchen and includes setting yourself up for success, cooking terminology, safety, microwave hacks and 10 ways to be a better cook.

Usually I don’t like cookbooks without photographs. Although this one doesn’t have them, I had no trouble visualizing what they would look like.

This is a great first cookbook for your pre-teen or teen or even yourself!

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