That’s Why I’m a Doctor

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A book review of That’s Why I’m a Doctor: Physicians Recount Their Most Memorable Moments by Mark Bulgutch

A book review of That's Why I'm a Doctor: Physicians Recount Their Most Memorable Moments by Mark Bulgutch

Stars: ****

Douglas & McIntyre (2020)
256 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Doctors hold a pretty special place in our lives. They’re often there when we’re born, and they’re usually there when we die. They’re there for a lot of the scary or weird stuff that happens in between, too.

In That’s Why I’m a Doctor, award-winning journalist Mark Bulgutch brings together forty-six stories from a diverse group of physicians, including pediatricians, interventional radiologists, general surgeons, psychiatrists, family doctors, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, neurologists and more. Each doctor’s story describes the moment that left them thinking, “That’s why I became a doctor.”

This volume includes stories of innovation (developing a treatment for cholera); rare and fascinating medical cases (the separation of conjoined twins); the less dramatic but still quietly satisfying times when the doctor was able to have a lasting positive impact on the life of a patient or their family; and, of course, those unexpected moments when the patient taught the doctor an important life lesson that would inform their practice for years to come.

These stories, big and small, are tied together by a sense of caring. It’s impossible to read what these doctors have to say and not come away with a new understanding of what goes through the mind of the person on the other end of the stethoscope and how dedicated doctors must be to do what they do.

That’s Why I’m a Doctor

This is listed as a memoir but it’s actually many stories together in one book. The author asked many different doctors for the moment that had them thinking, “That’s why I became a doctor.”

I loved reading the stories. As someone who has various health issues, I’ve had to deal with lots of different types of doctors. I love watching doctor shows too. So I enjoyed the stories.

Each story starts with a name, photograph and quick intro to the type of doctor they are and where they work. Each story is only an average of 3-4 pages long so it’s a good coffee table or bathroom book because you can read it in small doses. Or you can read it all the way through in two days like I did.

The stories are all different and often teach a little about their specialty as they are telling their story. This part piqued my interest because I like to learn about health.

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