Enjoy in Joy

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A book review of Enjoy in Joy: 366 Revolutionary readings & life-changing ideas to bring you joy.

A book review of Enjoy in Joy: 366 Revolutionary readings & life-changing ideas to bring you joy.

Stars: ****

Geeco Publishing (2020)
Spiritual Self-Help
383 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Enjoy In Joy: Uplifting Book of Daily Meditations, Empowers readers to Escape Humanity’s “Epidemic of Fear” Enjoy In Joy: ‘Revolutionary daily readings and life changing ideas to bring you joy’ shares succinct daily inspirations, spanning Socrates to Homer Simpson – to help readers find ease and comfort during these most uncertain times. If there’s one thing everyone in humanity deserves, it’s peace and serenity. With the Covid-19 pandemic still ravaging, there has never been a more urgent time to help people find the joy they so deeply crave. One group of writers is now providing hope via this unique and authentic read. But they’re not poets or fiction authors, each contributor is embracing long term sobriety, they’ve shared their true-life experiences, and selected the inspiring words of some of the world’s greatest thinkers in these daily meditations to inspire growth and encourage change.

Enjoy in Joy

This book is one that you read a page a day although no one will smack you on the hands if you read through it at your own pace. I have trouble reading one page a day personally.

It’s important to distinguish that this book is listed as spiritual self-help. That doesn’t mean Christian only. In fact it’s not overly religious at all. Each day’s topic might mention a religion or spiritual facet here or there. There is a page titled Prayer and one titled Heaven. However the book is not for one specific faith or lack of faith. You can take what you want and leave what you don’t.

The book is about JOY. Each day has a topic such as Presence, Beauty, Lies, Attitude, Thoughts, Truth, Gratitude, Worry, Action etc. These topics are sometimes done more than once but with different text.

The readings are short which is good because who has time to read many pages before they start their day. Each reading starts with a quote, then a short lesson or thought. Another quote ends the page.

Not A Rehashing of the Obvious

What is remarkable about this book is that the advice isn’t just a rehashing of the obvious advice like the golden rule or stop worrying. I found some of them so great that I immediately shared them with my kids to try to help them.

Honestly the cover needs to be reworked as it doesn’t draw one in and say BUY ME. That is sad because this is an amazing book.

The back of the book lists all the topics (Anxiety, Being, Excuses etc.) alphabetically and then lists what day of the year they are talked about. So if you just wanted to see everything about Anxiety for example you could.

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