Hope is a Bright Star

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A book review of Hope is a Bright Star: A Mother’s Memoir of Love, Loss and Learning to Live Again by Faith Fuller Wilcox

A book review of Hope is a Bright Star: A Mother's Memoir of Love, Loss and Learning to Live Again by Faith Fuller Wilcox

Stars: *****

She Writes Press (2021)
168 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Hope Is a Bright Star is the story of a mother’s journey from shock and fear at her young daughter’s cancer diagnosis to anguish and despair at her death just a year later―and, finally, to peace and acceptance of her new life.

When thirteen-year-old Elizabeth is diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, Faith is in awe of her courageous child, who faces her plight straight on and inspires all who meet her. Despite an army of medical professionals who provide innovative care for Elizabeth, she dies, and Faith and her surviving daughter, Olivia, are thrown into a maelstrom of grief. They find unexpected comfort in the arms of their family, friends, and community―but Faith faces another shock when she has her own cancer diagnosis while navigating the uncharted waters of a life she never expected. In time, Faith discovers moments and places of comfort and peace, and she slowly changes from a mother in despair to a woman with hope for the future. At turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, Hope Is a Bright Star reveals how abiding love can heal a family.

Hope is a Bright Star

This is a sad story but it is told very well and sucks you in right from the start. It’s sad but there is hope (hence the book title) and it’s a wonderful read. The author, Faith, has been though a lot, especially during that one specific year. This is a memoir to not pass up.

As with every book about Cancer, I start worrying that it will show up in my life in one way or another. Make sure you take breaks from the book and spend time with your loved ones, or do something special for yourself.

Faith’s daughter Elizabeth is the star of the book. Her outlook was amazing and she was very strong. I would have been honoured to know her.

I’m not sure what else to say other than pick this one up.

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