Year in Review – 2020

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Thank goodness this is my READING in review and not the full year in review because as everyone knows, 2020 was CRAZY.

Since I didn’t make my reading goal in 2019 I decided to go easy on myself and make my goal 50 books for 2020 (which turned out to be a good idea.)

According to Goodreads Year in Books I read 55 books and 11,563 pages in 2020. Average Book length – 210 pages

I read a really popular book – Educated by Tara Westover.

My average rating is 3.9 (out of 5).

I rated 13 books out of 55 with 5 stars.

My top 5 books (not in order) were:

  • That Will Never Work (The Story of Netflix) – MY REVIEW
  • Simple Habits for Marital Happiness – MY REVIEW
  • The Value of Wrinkles (A new Perspective of Old Age) – MY REVIEW
  • Stories of Elders (What Elders Know about Tech That You Don’t) – MY REVIEW
  • Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks – MY REVIEW

I hope 2021 allows me to read more books. I certainly have the time. I just need to not get too side tracked with the other things,. I also want to try to read more of my own books and not only review books.

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I've been a nonfiction lover for as long as I can remember. I love children's nonfiction as well and love to share my knowledge and the books I gained them from, with the world. I wish more people would give nonfiction a chance.