Never Fight Alone

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A book review of Never Fight Alone: 51 Inspiring Interviews to Help Teens Overcome Their Struggles & Improve Their Mental Health by Shelomo Solson

A book review of Never Fight Alone: 51 Inspiring Interviews to Help Teens Overcome Their Struggles & Improve Their Mental Health by Shelomo Solson

Stars: *****

Self Published (2020)
Teen Mental Health
306 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Teenagers today are struggling like never before. They’re facing a multitude of problems-bullying, divorced or absentee parents, physical and sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts-in the midst of one of the most uncertain eras in modern history. Worst of all, many teens stay silent about their struggles, fighting a lonely battle that is claiming far too many lives.

Never Fight Alone is a book for teens that consists of 51 inspiring interviews with all sorts of people who have faced similar problems. From teen entrepreneurs to former professional athletes to inspirational authors and speakers, they describe the obstacles they faced, how they overcame them, and offer life-changing tips for how readers can do the same.

Never Fight Alone

Shelomo Solson interviewed 51 influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and otherwise successful people. Many of them are teens or were teens when they became successful. They all overcame hardships such as poverty, illness, abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, bullying, suicidal ideation, low self-esteem and divorce.

Instead of including the full interviews he uses a special format. Starting with the title, introduction to the person, ways to connect (website/social media), a list of struggles and a shortened version of the interview with subtitles. The end is “top takeaways” which is what you should remember from each interview.

I had a childhood full of bullying and mental health problems and I read a lot of nonfiction. I would have loved a book like this. The interviews help teens to see that issues you experience don’t have to define your life. Many of these people turned their hardships into their success. Some give speeches on mental health or share coping strategies on their TikTok accounts.

I suggest reading this book at a computer or with your phone so you can look up the websites or social media profiles of the people as you read. If you want you can even use a highlighter to highlight the parts you want to remember. I don’t personally write in books because I like to share them when I’m done with them. But if you plan to keep it to refer back to, you might want to.

Note to Adults

Reading this as an adult gave me a different feeling. If you are accomplished and successful in life, this book won’t give you this feeling. However I struggle with mental illness and physical illnesses and I haven’t been able to be successful. Unfortunately seeing how teenagers with worse circumstances than me have done very well for themselves made me feel sad. I didn’t take away from the star rating of the book for this though because I’m not the intended audience for the book.

This would make a great gift for your struggling teen.

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