The True Nature of the Cat

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A book review of The True Nature of the Cat by John Bradshaw

Stars: ***

Boxtree Limited (1993)
224 pages

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Summary: John Bradshaw, Britain’s most foremost expert on pet behaviour, separates the facts from popular myths and misconceptions, allowing the dedicated cat lover to understand what it is like to be a cat. He carefully constructs a picture of the cat’s world, piece by piece, and interprets the animal’s elaborate and often mysterious body language and behaviour in a new way.

Considering each part of the cat’s body in turn, its complex mechanisms and lightning reflexes, and how each sense is adapted to enable it to hunt, feed, breed and rear young, Dr. Bradshaw refers back to the domestic cat’s ancestor, the African wildcat, to help explain its behaviour. Most importantly, perhaps, John Bradshaw seeks to understand the cat’s relationship with it’s owner. In comparing its senses, diet and eating habits, mother-kitten relationship, and rituals of play with our own equivalents, discerning cat-watchers will be able to see their pet in a new light.

The True Nature of the Cat

I recently got a new kitten so I looked at a used book store for a book about cats and this is one of the ones I found. It’s not my first cat ever but it’s been a while since I read about cats and I did learn some things.

The book was a bit slow going and there were parts that were more specific than I was hoping for. I could have used more colour photos of cute cats. It’s a good book but needs to be updated.

The author has more newer books that may be of interest.

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