Chasing Wisdom

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A book review of Chasing Wisdom: The Lifelong Pursuit of Living Well by Daniel Grothe

Stars: ***

Thomas Nelson (2020)
Christian Living/Spiritual Growth
231 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Some people have learned how to live. They can handle all that life brings. They are composed. They radiate strength. They are whole, with lives worth emulating, and when they speak people listen. They are, in a word, wise. How did these people get wisdom? And perhaps more importantly, how can we?

In his long-awaited first book, Daniel Grothe of New Life church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, shows us how to get wisdom for ourselves by examining what the Bible has to say about it and by providing practical steps for acquiring it, among them:

  • learning to ask for help,
  • loving Scripture,
  • going to Church,
  • living quietly,
  • and, above all, seeking those who are themselves wise.

Drawing upon Scripture and upon his own experience learning from his friend and mentor Eugene Peterson, Grothe shows how our lives can be secured by the resource that will keep us from collapsing under the onslaught of the difficulties of life. Wisdom is available to us. It takes work to pursue it. Chasing Wisdom reveals how.

Chasing Wisdom

This book seeks to share the wisdom of the Bible with us and show us how to live a more wise life. First we are shown how to ask for help and we are introduced to the sages in our life and reminded we need to work for wisdom. Then there are a set of chapters on the wisdom of the Bible.

We are introduced to The Wisdom of…

  • Loving Scripture
  • Going to Church
  • a Quiet Life
  • an Old Library
  • Rest
  • Holy Lament
  • an Active Life

Following that is a chapter on the laying on of hands and where we go from here. The book was a nice light book with nice reminders about what the Bible says. It’s not a heavy book and won’t take you long to get through.

It would make a good gift book for a Christian friend.

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