Year in Review 2019

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A whole year has gone by again and I sadly didn’t make it to my reading goal, mostly due to some times where I was depressed and played video games instead of reading.

I also started out the year doing monthly review posts but that stopped after the first few. I hope to try that again this year but we’ll see.

How I Did:

2019 Reading Challenge Results

I plan to try for 100 again this year. I’ve done it before, years ago and I made it close. It all depends on my moods, how interesting the books are (I read faster if I’m enjoying it) and how long/complicated the books I receive are.

If you are new to my blog, you might now know but I read ALL nonfiction and mostly review books received from publishers, authors and publicists. I tried to do reading challenges last year but it’s too hard when you aren’t really picking your own books so I gave up on keeping track of that and I didn’t sign up for any this year. I will read what comes to me.

Best Books Read in 2019

I read 23 Five Star Books out of 73 total books. Perhaps I rate higher than most but I read a lot of GREAT books.  Here are my favourite 5 in order starting with the best.

  1. The Intelligence Paradox (Cultural Anthropology about Intelligence) – MY REVIEW
  2. The Upward Spiral (About Depression and How to Get Out of It) – MY REVIEW
  3. The Clean Body: A Modern History (History of bathing, laundry and cleanliness) – MY REVIEW
  4. 30 Days to Understanding the Bible (Amazing guide to understanding the Bible) – MY REVIEW
  5. God Speaks Your Love Language (By the same author of The Love Languages) – MY REVIEW

I think I will try to watch my ratings in 2020 and rate less of them 5 stars so it’s more obvious which ones are the best.

Check out my Year in Books from GoodReads to see all the books I read in 2019 and some other fun facts.

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