Breakfast with Jesus

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A book review of Breakfast with Jesus: Discover His Presence Every Day by Greg Laurie

A book review of Breakfast with Jesus: Discover His Presence Every Day by Greg LaurieStars: *****

Tyndale House Publishers (2003)
Jesus Devotional
304 pages

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Summary: Greg Laurie brings us along on a walk with Jesus and his disciples, encouraging us to see him through the eyes of his disciples in order to know him better, challenging us firsthand with the main spiritual lessons Jesus entrusted to his followers, and inspiring us with the many promises that the Savior gave to those who choose to follow him. As we walk with Jesus, hopefully we, too, will come to see Jesus as his disciples did: as a living, breathing, ever-present friend, mentor, and teacher.

Breakfast with Jesus

I have been reading this book for months, but not because it’s boring. It’s a daily devotional and has 84 days worth of material. It’s meant to be read in the morning during personal time with Jesus, hence the name. What I did instead was put it in the bathroom and read it anytime I was in there for more than a few seconds. Worked well for me. It’s the only place I’m alone in this house so I could really concentrate on what I read.

I’ve read a few devotionals but this has been the best so far. I don’t think I even reviewed the others or even read all the entries. I liked that they were numbered instead of set for certain days. If I didn’t read any one day, I wasn’t missing anything and I always new where I was next thanks to my bookmark. Plus if you buy it in the middle of the year, you aren’t starting the book halfway through.

I’m not sure how to explain it but I just really felt all the devotional messages were just what I needed to hear and made me feel good. They were well written and Highly Recommended.

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