I’m Not Really Here

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A book review of I’m Not Really Here by Tim Allen

A book review of I'm Not Really Here by Tim AllenStars: ***

Hyperion (1996)
284 pages

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Summary: The popular actor and comedian shares his observations on why things are the way they are while sharing his offbeat opinions about the meaning of life and his personal role in it.

I got this book used years ago but never got around to reading it. I loved Tim Allen in Home Improvement and he’s great in his newer show Last Man Standing too. This book was written while he was still filming Home Improvement.

It was not that good. It was okay. The parts where Tim Allen shares what is happening in his life and makes jokes is good. But a lot of the book is philosophical thinking and talking about quantum physics and I just didn’t want to read that. I don’t mind a little philosophy but there was heavy quantum physics talk and especially at the end, there was SEVENTEEN pages of a letter from someone to Tim that goes deep into Quantum talk. I skimmed it, it was so boring. If I wanted a heavy science book I would have picked one up. The cover above suggests quantum talk but the cover of the one I have doesn’t show that and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Another thing that bothered me was he keeps talking about when he was in Jail. This was news to me but not once does he go into more detail. Maybe he covered it in his last book but that doesn’t help me. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, than he shouldn’t mention it.

The book is a NYT Bestseller which surprises me. I would not have thought it would be good enough to even possibly win. I was disappointed.

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