Tired of Arguing With Your Kids?

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Tired of Arguing With Your Kids? Wisdom From Parents Who Have Been There by Dolores Curran

A book review of Tired of Arguing with Your Kids? by Dolores CurranStars: ****

Sorin Books (1999)
Parenting/Family Life
125 pages

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Summary: A familiar yet frustrating scene: Children arguing with their parents. It does not have to be a rite of passage for parents to endure, says Dolores Curran, an authority on parenting and family issues. In her latest book, Tired of Arguing with Your Kids?, Curran explains how children lose interest in arguing when parents know the techniques necessary to defuse, or ignore, their anger. Many parents often feel too exhausted, impatient or disenchanted with children to muster the energy it takes to argue, much less to engage their kids in more meaningful pursuits. In Tired of Arguing with Your Kids?, Curran teaches that every challenge does not have to be accepted. Her approach not only helps parents preserve the energy necessary to deal with issues that truly deserve attention, but also to appreciate the joys of parenting so often forgotten in the confusion of conflict. Many parents fail to realize the pleasures children bring to their lives– even with the messy rooms, loud music and petty bickering between siblings– until it’s too late. In other words, relax and enjoy the ride.

Tired of Arguing With Your Kids?

I had forgotten I’d picked up this book used till I found it in a pile. What great timing as I feel like all I do is argue with my kids. I found the information so useful I took notes while reading it and kept the note to refer back to often. I have plans for how to calm my anger and frustration and deal with the kids better.

I just finished reading it so I can’t say the advice worked yet but I do think it’s great advice. The author includes her own advice as well as advice from other parents she has talked to.

She teaches detachment, rules with consequences, whys/whines, alleviating anger, defusing with humour, negotiating, creating a haven in your home, making a gentle home, advice from other parents, telling your child you love them and a list of handy responses to specific arguments.

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