Designed by God

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Designed by God: Honest Talk about Beauty, Modesty, and Self-Image by Regina Franklin

A book review of Designed by God by Regina FranklinStars: ****

Discovery House Publishers (2006)
Christian Living/Women/Youth Interests
123 pages

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Summary: Whether she’s online chatting with friends, reading a magazine, or watching her favorite television show, today’s young woman faces a constant barrage of guarantees that she can become prettier, skinnier, sexier. Find the perfect look. Lose ten pounds. Buy designer clothes like the stars. Attract your favorite guy. Is it any wonder that young women always seem unhappy with who they are? Is it any wonder that when it comes to modesty and demeanor, many young Christian women look much like everyone else in the culture? Regina Franklin speaks honestly but sensitively to young women about who God created them to be.

Designed By God

This was a quick but self-affirming read about knowing that I was designed by God. It covers the ridiculous standards of beauty for young women in our world and how we should be focusing on who we are in Christ rather than if we meet these worldly standards. It also covers the basics of modesty and how and why it matters. Finally we are encouraged to have a positive self image.

The book is written to the young woman and so would be great from 16-30 especially although I’m 35 and I found it a good reminder to focus on who I am. It’s a quick read and I finished it in an hour.

Each chapter ends with some discussion questions which can be used for self reflection but would also work well as a book club read or a class for young women.

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