The Absence of Fiction

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This blog is for nonfiction reviews only but it didn’t start out that way. I reviewed all kinds of fiction, mostly picture books and YA fiction because that’s what I preferred. Somewhere along the way I stopped reading fiction (except picture books to my kids) and decided to make the blog nonfiction only.

The Absence of Fiction

I decided to look back at this blog and GoodReads to determine when the last time I read fiction (other than picture books) was. Any guesses?

In 2017 I read the Harry Potter books again but only to read them to my daughters. I do enjoy them of course but I wasn’t reading just for me. In 2012 I read a personalized romance book I got for review but I never finished it (probably because romance isn’t my thing). So if we don’t count that either since I only read a few chapters, the last fiction book I read because I wanted to was in June 2011 – Ashes, Ashes. Before that was January 2011 where I reviewed two nonfiction with one fiction: A Girl’s Guide to Modern European Philosophy (yes that’s fiction.) So for ME, I read two fiction in 2011 and couldn’t finish one in 2012 and none since. Can you believe it?

I know most people read lots of fiction so it’s probably pretty hard to believe.

So the question is.. when am I going to read fiction again? My favourite author is actually Alice Hoffman. I own many of her books I still haven’t read yet. I really would like to read them sometime. Should I make it my goal in 2019 to read at least 1 fiction book? Should I read one of my Alice Hoffman ones or pick up something newer?

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