Smile! Be Happy! by Angela LaRosa

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Smile! Be Happy! Life lessons from an uncommon housewife by Angela LaRosa

Smile! Be Happy! by Angela LaRosaStars: ***

Legacy Projects (2018)
94 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Being a housewife is challenging — managing a home, assisting a husband in business, and raising four children, not to mention taking care of yourself, which is the focus and heart of this inspirational book.

Since losing her mother as a child, Angela LaRosa has brought hope and optimism to every aspect of her life. And with her bold and durable commitment to God, she enjoys a life of beautiful fulfillment, and is now proud to share what she has learned.

Smile! Be Happy!

Overall this book was a short read that is part memoir and part advice on being a housewife. It’s a quick read at less than 100 pages and is broken up into sections within chapters so it’s easy to read little bits at a time.

The book gives advice on marriage, children, housework, balance, dealing with challenges, faith, being healthy, embracing change and more. Since it’s a little book, each section is dealt with in short bits of advice with a sprinkling of personal stories interwoven in.

I enjoyed reading the memoir parts too and hearing how she has dealt/is dealing with bullying, autism, divorce and family members deaths.

Is It Your Kind of Faith?

How much you will enjoy the book is directly related to what kind of faith you follow. Since the summary mentions god and it’s about being a housewife I was expecting a guide to being a housewife as the Bible states, with a strong emphasis on God and a more strict view of a housewife’s role.

The book is more of a casual view of God. This is not good or bad, I just want my readers to know if the book would be good for them or not.

She mentions lots things that make it a faith based book:

“Throughout this entire time, I continued to pray. I want you to understand that God and I have always had a great relationship, and although I have had several bad experiences in my life, I have been pretty happy with the outcome of moving forward past them. That’s because I understand that God has a perfect plan for us.”

“I know that God’s love is a blessing and we should all be open to receiving it.”

but parts of it make it clear it’s more of a casual idea of God than a strict, Christian, fervent, bible following faith.

“For me, prayer works. We are all entitled to our own beliefs, so pray to whomever you wish, however you choose to manifest that choice”

“It starts with believing in God, because regardless of one’s religious background, God is good and God is with us always.”

As I said, the book is full of great advice and I can think of some people who would enjoy the book but I just want you to be aware so you can decide for yourself if the book is for you or not.

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