Have Your Reading Tastes Changed?

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Everyone likes different types of books whether it be political nonfiction or YA fantasy or historical fiction. But have you always loved what you loved? Did you like something different before as well? Is it normal to change reading tastes? This is what I’ve been thinking about lately.

Have Your Reading Tastes Changed Over Time?

Have Your Reading Tastes Changed?

This is a nonfiction only book blog but it wasn’t always like that. I haven’t read a fiction book (for myself, not counting reading to my kids) in years. But I wasn’t always like that. This blog is full of fiction reviews from YEARS ago. So long that book blogging was new and the reviews were short and not well written.

When I think about why I stopped reading fiction, I think it’s because I love nonfiction so much I feel there isn’t enough time to read both. I love learning new things whether it’s a technical book or learning about how others live in a memoir. Now that I have 5 kids and multiple blogs I just don’t have as much time to read as I did way back then.

I mean even if you had no kids and no husband and no job you still wouldn’t have enough time to read everything you want to because the world is just full of so many good books. But I felt the fiction was a “waste of time.” Okay I know some of you are going “Oh My Gosh!” in your head or out loud right now. Let me be clear. I don’t hate fiction and I don’t think others are wasting their time reading fiction so don’t yell at me please! Just for me, I prefer to read nonfiction and as much of it as I can.

But back to my main question, have your reading tastes changed? I think of book bloggers who only read paranormal or romance. Have you always read that? What about those who read mostly about politics and history, do you also enjoy other types? Or did you when you were younger?

Tell me!

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