50 Body Questions by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

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50 Body Questions: A Book That Spills Its Guts by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

50 Body QuestionsStars: ****

Annick Press (2014)
Human Biology
103 pages

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Most of us eat, run, or sleep without thinking about it. But our bodies are masterful machines of intricate design that perform amazing feats daily.

The fifth book in Annick’s successful 50 Questions series guides readers through the details of how our bodies function, from the miracles of genetics, to immune cells shaped like sea monsters.

50 Body Questions

This book, designed for ages 9+, answers 50 questions about our bodies that your child (or you!) might find interesting. The questions are broken down into groups: That Takes Guts, Blood Ties, Form and Function, Armed Invaders, Sense and Feeling, Gray Matters and How Shocking. There is also an intro and conclusion.

The questions are sometimes worded in a fun way. For example the question:

Are there ducks in your mouth? is a word play that talks about the ducts in your mouth (where spit travels)

Are there aliens inside you? is about bacteria

Are molecules smelly? is about our sense of smell.

The book also has Body Bytes, which are little sidebars of information related to what is being said. There are also a few other extra parts and even a few Body Builders activities to try.

50 Body Questions is one book in a series of 50 Questions books. Check out the rest of them for more fun learning.

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