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Brown Dog Books is a publishing imprint from Bath, England, and is part of the Self-Publishing Partnership. They mostly publish non-fiction books, and below are 4 recent and upcoming titles for you to feast your eyes on.

Recent and Upcoming Titles from Brown Dog Press

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Peaky ClimbersPeaky Climbers – Paul McIntosh with Anna Jones

Eight friends take on the greatest challenge of their lives, to cycle 20 peaks of the Tour de France in seven days. Their adventure will take them beyond what any of them expected, through epic highs, dramatic lows, unforgettable scenery and the toughest days of cycling any of them have ever encountered. But will they make it to the finish line?

The book encapsulates the gruelling 7 day challenge, plus the year leading up to it – The sheer amount of training required, the commitment and support from their families, and the incredible pressure to raise the £30,000 target they set themselves for the charities selected.

Einstein's E=mc2 UnravelledEinstein’s e=mc² Unravelled – Mike Joslin

Mike Joslin throws a powerful ‘hat’ into the ring in a philosophical and scientific challenge to existing beliefs on the nature of the Universe. He suggests that the scientific community has been struggling in a ‘straitjacket’ of its own making, by persisting in the belief that the Universe is expanding, against tangible evidence that it isn’t.

He suggests that an eternal and infinite Cosmos surrounds us and maintains a constant ratio of equilibrium between matter and energy and that ‘free’ energy is totally invisible in a state of Singularity. The overall status quo allows ‘microstate’ variations everywhere but Mike is worried at how far we have already strayed from the Cosmic ‘norm’. He emphasises the wonder of Nature and argues for showing it more respect: it isn’t providential but has a rhythm we should abide by. We have already had several ‘wake-up’ calls due to global warming.

Our beautiful planet needs actions now, not political obfuscation. Mike claims the all material entities constantly exchange energy and thus we are all partly ‘entangled’ with everything that is and ever was – a good reason to believe that ‘what goes around comes around”!

HIV Why Me?HIV – Why Me? – Daniel Bartlett

Daniel Bartlett’s HIV started in 2010, when he contracted the virus.

In this book Daniel takes us through his life before HIV, his journey since contracting HIV, and through the numerous, long-term hospital admissions.

He hopes this book will offer help, therapy and hope to those in despair and suffering with this awful disease. He especially wants to give hope to those who are suffering, to give them courage to fight through this awful illness.


Field Dressings by Stretcher Bearer FranceField Dressings By Stretcher Bearer  – Alick Lewis Ellis

Discovered by chance almost 100 years since it was written, the original “Field Dressings by Stretcher Bearer” manuscript contains the poems of Alick Lewis Ellis, a stretcher bearer of the 2/3rd London Field Ambulance, 54th Division, London Regiment.

During more than three years active service on the Western Front in World War I his first-hand experience of the horrors of battle at Gommecourt, the Somme, Arras, Ypres and Cambrai, led him to produce a series of compelling poems that will trigger an entire spectrum of emotions in the reader.

While many poems reflect the sadness and pain that comes from witnessing so much death and futile suffering, Alick’s work shows he remained full of admiration for his fellow soldiers. In others, the gallows humour of the trenches will make the reader smile at times, while the hope and optimism of his few post-war poems will be tinged with the sadness our historical knowledge allows.

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