Lessons From Life by Steven M. Darter

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Lessons From Life: Four Keys to Living With More Meaning, Purpose and Success by Steven M. Darter

Lessons From Life by Steven M. DarterStars: ****

CreateSpace (2018)
Memoir/Christian/Personal Growth
242 pages

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Summary: In his deeply personal memoir, Steve Darter asks himself the question: What is the purpose of my life? Using entertaining storytelling, Steve takes you on a journey of emotion, reflection, and insight that encourages you to think about how to live with more meaning, purpose, and success at any age—young, old, or in between.
Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? The secret to living a life that has meaning? The path you should take to achieve your purpose? Do you even believe you have a purpose? How about an intended destiny? Most, if not all, of us have asked (or will ask) ourselves these types of questions at some point in our lives—even if it is only at the end.

Lessons From Life

This book merges memoir with self help by sharing stories from his personal life and sharing the lessons he learned from those stories. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection/discussion if you want to get the most out of the self-help aspect of it.

The book started out as a project for Steven’s kids to share stories from his life and what he learned from them. It would be something for them to enjoy after he was gone. His mentor Art Miller convinced him to make it into a book.

The stories are grouped into four keys:

  1. You have been designed with giftedness
  2. You have been designed to seek a relationship with (and experience) God.
  3. You have been designed to express love and goodness
  4. You have been designed to learn from difficulties and challenges.

As you can see the book is written from a Christian point of view and although it’s not preachy in any way, he does show how its important for us to have a relationship with God. I like how he made the point without sounding like he was preaching.

I found the stories uplifting and his life very interesting. It was amazing to me how many interesting things happened in his life. By comparison mine has been very boring. Even if you aren’t interested in the self-help portion of the book you will find the stories interesting.

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