Age of Crowns by Kori De Leon

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Age of Crowns: Pursuing Lives Marked by The Kingdom of God by Kori De Leon

Age of Crowns by Kori De Leon

Stars: *****

Moody Publishers (2018)
Christian Living/Practical Life/Women

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary:  That’s why you never feel quite satisfied. Even when you feel happiest, discontent is always looming at the door. That’s because God created you for something far greater than this life; He created you for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

In Age of Crowns, Kori de Leon will awaken the dreamer in you as she invites you to explore glorious images of the Age to Come. Whether we realize it or not, God designed us for a: KING-to be loved and led by an excellent king, CROWN-to reflect dignity and worth as image-bearers , KINGDOM-to have a purpose bigger than ourselves and a CASTLE-to find a secure sense of home

This book is an inspiring examination of how the future hope of heaven changes your today. It will teach you how to faithfully await (and prepare for) the Age to Come, as well as how to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life with Christ here and now.

Age of Crowns

Age of Crowns is quite different from any other Christian Living book I’ve read. It focus on Jesus’s Kingdom that we are destined to be a part of. We are meant to be led by a King, collect Crowns, be a part of a Kingdom and live in a Castle. The book seems to be written for a woman.

The following quotes explain the topic of the book:

We long for that which we have lost. Sin blinds us to what we are missing.

Due to sin, we have suffered a mental calamity, like spiritual amnesia, if you will. We have forgotten who we really are. We have forgotten God and his glorious design for us. But there are moments when our hearts are stirred with deep desires to return to someone great… something glorious for which we seem to be made, but we cannot find our way home because our hearts and minds have become darkened toward God due to our sin against Him.  – p 12

We want to be led by a King.

Many women desire a relationship with a kinglike man. We want to be united with someone who is stunning; someone who will love us, lead us and protect us as we take grand adventures with him. This is a natural longing, built in because God is the King of the world and He made us to live in a glorious relationship with Him. – pg 12

We want to crowns to be bestowed upon us for living honorably and in a dignified way. We want the rewards Jesus promised.

God bestowed great dignity and worth on us by creating us in His image. And we see remnants of this truth in our common human desire for a sense of dignity. […] The Bible sometimes uses “crown” to symbolize the honor and dignity God bestowed on human beings by making us in His image and giving us the high privilege of reflecting His character and rule throughout the world. […]But when God’s people live in ways that are contrary to the dignified King, the Bible describes our loss of dignity and honor this way: ‘The crown has fallen from our head; woe to us, for we have sinned!’ (Lam 5:16) – pg 13-14

We want to be part of His Kingdom.

When God created us in His image, He also gave us the mandate to subdue the earth and rule over it as His representatives in subjection to Him. In other words, we lost dominion. Now we are like deposed kings and queens in a fallen world, who pridefully seek to build our own kingdoms, for our own glory, and for our own fleeting fame. – pg 15

We long to go back to our Castle.

A fourth longing common to women – and to humanity in general – is our desire to live in a beautiful and safe place and to have access to abundant material resources, perhaps remembering our original home, the garden of Eden. […] But when humanity was unfaithful to Him, we were exiled from our glorious home with Him. – pg 15

The book was very interesting and raised a lot of points I hadn’t thought of. This would be a great book study to do with a group and you’ll find some great questions at the end of each chapter to either think about yourself or discuss with others.

Below I share two things I really found interesting.

Why We Need God-Imposed Limits

The following quote explains why there are so many laws and rules in the Bible. They aren’t there because God just likes telling us what to do. They are there for a reason.

“God made the world for our enjoyment. He has also attached laws and limits to teach us how to properly enjoy the world according to his good design. As a result, Gods limits and laws do not hinder our joy. They actually make our enjoyment of life more rich and full! [example given of children on a playground near a cliff who feel secure to play with a fence around them] In a similar way, God’s good laws and limits actually enable us to use our adventurous spirit in the fullest way.”

How the Eternal Rewards Will Be Given Out

“Some of us can be deceived by thinking that those in the body of Christ who have what we might consider greater gifts and great influence will receive greater eternal rewards. But Jesus reveals in this passage [1 Cor 15:10] that the rewards are not based on gifts and opportunities, but rather that we are faithful with the gifts and opportunities He has given us.”

In other words, it’s not about how much we have but how we use what we have.

I really enjoyed Age of Crowns.

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