The Introvert Writer by Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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The Introvert Writer by Jamie Arpin-RicciThe Introvert Writer: Being Your Creative Best by Being Your Truest Self by Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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Amazon Digital Publishing (2016)
61 pages

Summary:  In an extrovert’s world, discover how to thrive as an introvert writer. Many of the most celebrated and successful authors are introverts, yet there remains a negative stigma around introversion. “The Introvert Writer” invites those who identify as introvert and have passion for the art and business of writing to discover their natural strengths while learning to overcome common obstacles. From our best writing comes from our truest selves and this book will help the introvert writer thrive.

I am definitely an Introvert, I’ve known that for a long time. I’m also a writer. Mostly blogging but recently I’ve been trying my hand at writing fiction as well. So as you can imagine, this book title caught my eye.

It’s a very short book but I don’t know if there would really be anything else that wasn’t covered so I think the length is okay.

The book intrigued me both because I’m an Introvert and Writer but also because I couldn’t imagine what could be said about it in a book. The author came up with a few good points.

She goes over the strengths and weaknesses of the Introvert Writer, making space to write, Introverts and the Writing Community, Introverts and Selling (Out) and The Introvert Writer and Self-Care.

I am an Introvert

She made one great point I want to touch on. She makes the point that when people say , “I am an introvert.” people usually say them as a confession or an apology. She wants us to take back the word. It’s not wrong to be an introvert.

Overall I found her points very helpful and I’d recommend the book to any introvert writer.

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“I am an introvert writer. When I write these words, I don’t write them as though they are a confession of weakness or an acknowledgment of personal failing. Instead I write them as a personal declaration – a declaration that I am proud of who I am and the absolutely unique contribution I bring to the table as an introvert.” –  (end of introduction)



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