Please Listen Up, Parents by Cameron, Grace and Lexi Colan

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Please Listen Up Parents by Cameron, Grace and Lexi ColanPlease Listen Up, Parents: 12 Secrets YOUR Kids Want YOU to Know by Cameron, Grace and Lexi Colan


Corner Stone Leadership Institute (2015)
94 pages

Summary: We think something is missing in all the talk about parenting: our perspective. As kids, we think we have something to contribute to the conversation. We have different perspectives than you about a lot of things that affect our family, but we don t always have the chance to share them with you. We know we re supposed to listen to you, and we try our best … even if we don t always succeed. But we have some secrets to share from our point of view that you might find helpful. So for just a few minutes, please listen up.

Let’s be honest, as a parent you probably don’t have a lot of time to read books. The authors of this book realized this and as such, put together just 12 major points. The book is compact, only 94 pages and can be read in spurts as each secret is its own chapter. It is a perfect book for the busy mom or dad.

Many of the secrets are ones I knew deep down but tend to forget or haven’t put as much effort into as I know I should. Some are ones I didn’t think of but make perfect sense.

After each secret is an ideas for action section which is really nice as it gives you ideas of how you can do something about the secret that was shared, as opposed to just reading it and forgetting it.

The book has a nice style to it as well with easy to read font and blue bolded portions that you should really make note of and quotes along the way.

One little note I want to make is the book does mention God once or twice but it is in a way that is easily skipped if that clashes with your faith or lack thereof.

It’s a great niblet of information for busy parents and one I’d love to buy copies of to share with friends.

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