Listen to Me by Lynn Lauber

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Listen to Me by Lynn LauberListen to Me: Writing Life into Meaning by Lynn Lauber

Stars: *****
W.W. Norton & Company (2004)
174 pages


Why write out of our lives? What can it do for us? How can sharing our stories connect us with others? Acclaimed novelist and essayist Lynn Lauber chronicles her journey as a writer and longtime teacher at creative writing programs around the country. She explores how writing—both fiction and creative nonfiction—has served as a means of personal navigation, a healing and avenging force, and a way of calling up not only a lost daughter but also a lost self. Her story serves as encouragement for others to produce their own personal narratives. –

I found this book used and I’m glad I did. This isn’t a writing how-to book but more like the ramblings of a writer who had experience with teaching other writers. The book might not look like much on the front but it was an extremely good read.

The chapter headings will show you more of what she covers:

  • Writing Out of Your Life
  • Writing Out of Revenge
  • Writing to Heal
  • The Magic of Automatic Writing
  • Life’s Ladder (The pivotal points of your life)
  • Silencing the Critics
  • Deepening (Taking your story deeper, writing better)
  • Telling the Truth (About changing some points of how the story really happened)
  • Finding Your Form (Similar to above chapter)
  • Angle of Approach (Point of View)
  • Editing – at Last
  • Nine Good Things About Writing

I am currently writing my first novel and it’s based on events that happened to me but with a twist which is basically what the author is trying to get people to do. Drawing from real life can make for a great story and can help you in the process by getting things off your chest.

I can attest to the automatic writing she talks about in Chapter Four. I’ve done that many times, even tracing the words with my finger onto the bed. I highly recommend that it you want to write your thoughts but are afraid they will be found and read.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, Lynn really encourages you to write from your heart and write what you know. This book shares with you how and why to do just that.

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