Ultimate Reminders for Everyday Life by Gina DeLapa

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Ultimate Reminders for Everyday Life: 437 Life Lessons to Make You Laugh, Stir Your Soul, and Inspire Your Best by Gina DeLapa

Stars: ****
Maestro Consulting Group (2016)
170 pages

Summary: From precocious middle-schoolers to savvy grandparents, whether you’re climbing the career ladder or living out your legacy years, Ultimate Reminders for Everyday Life is sure to spark laughter, conversation, contemplation, and bold new action.

This book, previously released as Stuff You Already Know: And Everybody Should is chock full of great advice. Many I know or have heard previously but that doesn’t mean I don’t need constant reminders of their importance.

Some samples:

1. Set Yourself Up for Success.

64. Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.

107. In food and school and work and life, presentation counts.

172. Don’t expect your employer to take care of you. That’s y our job, not theirs.

202. Breathe.

261. When you’re the only one at the party not drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s time to find a new party.

354. Say a short, silent prayer whenever you hear an ambulance.

425. Don’t settle for goals that don’t excite you. What you want with all your heart, you’ll go after with all your heart.

You can see there is a wide variation of simple, everybody knows that type tips to more serious, advice you might not know.

There is also a companion book Ultimate Reminders for College Students: 369 Fun, Practical Ways to Make Your College Years Count!.

Ultimate Reminders for Everyday Life and For College Students

It’s just like the original book but with advice that will be helpful to college students.

Buy Ultimate Reminders for Everyday Life from Amazon.com

Buy Ultimate Reminders for College Students from Amazon.com

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