Let’s Cook Series: Family Cookbooks

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lets-cook-italianLet’s Cook! is a series of cookbooks for families that is bilingual. Let’s Cook Italian for example has English on the left and Italian on the right. Let’s Cook French has English on the left and French on the right. Let’s Cook Spanish will be out in March.

The books are hard covered and very thick. This means you could prop up the book if you want and at least it will stand up to being moved around while cooking.

As stated, each recipe is shown in English and it’s originating language. Each book is written by a different author, someone who naturally cooks from that culture.

Let's Cook FrenchThe books contain side notes that teach you some food words in the language, give you cooking tips or tells you the story behind the food.

The French book even shows you which of the recipes is good in which seasons so you can follow a pre-planned menu.

The menus section in the Italian book is based not on season but on what type of meal you are planning such as hearty, comforting, or an evening with friends.

Let's Cook SpanishI can’t wait to see what the Spanish book has in store and I plan to try a few of these recipes soon.

Let’s Cook French by Claudine Pepin
$21.99 USD
96 pages

Let’s Cook Italian by Anna Prandoni
$21.99 USD
96 pages

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