Exit Stage Left by Tilly Dunn

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exit-stage-leftExit Stage Left: From Suicidal to Imaginative Thinking Moving Forward With a Healthy Mind
Balboa Press (2015)
198 pages

I received this book for review purposes.

Summary: While six months pregnant with her first child, she was hospitalized for something that kept her awake for seven consecutive days and nights. A diagnosis of bipolar disorder (mania) followed. Finally, after forty-two years, she triumphantly overcame her psychosis. She tells you her inside story and the tools she discovered to conquer all her challenges. Her life of joy and purpose is what she wants to share with you today.

I always seek out books on Bipolar because I have Bipolar disorder. In all of them I recognize myself in a part of it, including this book. What’s unusual about this one is that Tilly suffered from suicidal thoughts for so long. I suffer from those thoughts too but not constantly for so long. It makes me scared to think that I’m only in my 30s, if I suffer from these problems well into my sixties too, I don’t know how I’ll handle that. However I at least know what I’m suffering from and am on the right medications.

At the end of each chapter there is a curtain call which is sort of like a takeaway from that chapter. Takeaways such as:

  • Depression takes many forms. It can be seen through speaking too much or not speaking at all. Be aware of those you love and ask plenty of questions.
  • Alienation is not healthy, Don’t shut yourself off from the world around you. Take the time to share your life with others, and you will benefit.
  • There are many people who have a huge strength of spirit. When time is spent in the company of these people, their great awareness may increase your sense of joy.

It’s a good biography in that it does a good job of sucking you in. When I read it I feel like I’m viewing her life from just outside a looking glass. Recommended to those who like books on mental health.

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