6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage Girls

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6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage Girls

Nonfiction Books for Teenage Girls

In honour of Teen Read Week I wanted to share my top nonfiction books for teenage girls that have been reviewed on my blog.

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The Little Black Book for Girlz

The Little Black Book for Girlz - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage GirlsThe Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality by St. Stephen’s Community House has been challenged by certain groups that think it should be banned from schools and libraries.

I originally read it during Freedom to Read Week and shared my thoughts on the items that were being challenged. It’s a great book for teaching teenage girls more about their sexuality.

Quote From My Review:

I think this is a great book about sex for teen girls. I read lots of books on the subject of sex and puberty throughout my teenage years even though my mom was open with me and would answer any questions I had. Think of the girls who don’t have that kind of relationship though and who need answers. Teens will listen to sex advice from their friends who usually don’t know what they are talking about. Although this book is by teenagers their answers are checked by professionals and sometimes the teenagers interviewed the professionals.

Start Talking

Start Talking: A Girl’s Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex or Whatever is another goodStart Talking - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage Girls book about sexuality, puberty and everything teenage but the twist is that this book is written to the teenager AND the parent.

There are different parts for each one but kids and parents are encouraged to read each other’s sections.

A quote from my review:

With each section, you will find cover information, then Daughter Questions (questions from real daughters with real answers), then Mom Questions (ditto), then Table Talk (an example of how a conversation might go) and then discussion questions (questions to help you get the conversation going.) All throughout this are real life stories and illustrations as needed.

What Your Mother Never Told You

What Your Mother Never Told You - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage GirlsWhat Your Mother Never Told You: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls is by far the best book for teenage girls I’ve ever read.

This book isn’t afraid to broach sensitive subjects and give REAL advice, not the advice that is really just preaching to you to be good.

A quote from my review:

This is a no-nonsense, no-bull&*%! book that tells it like it is, which is exactly what teen girls need and exactly what all the other guides are lacking. As a parent of a teen, you may be shocked at what the author says but you would need to realize that teens aren’t stupid and they know when you are just giving them lectures disguised as advice.

My Little Red Book

My Little Red Book - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage GirlsMy Little Red Book is an anthology of stories of girls getting their first periods. What might seem an odd subject at first for a short story book, it’s actually quite interesting and serves many purposes. Ideal for those about to get their period on to adults who have had theirs for years, this anthology was a great read and highly recommended.

A quote from my review:

At the back of the book, the stories are all separated into “kinds” of stories such as: All Alone, Disposal Challenges, Early Starts, International Stories, Judy Blume, Misconceptions, Old Wives’ Tales and Vintage Stories. (The earliest story is from 1916.)

Straight Talk for Teenage Girls

Straight Talk for Teenage Girls - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage GirlsStraight Talk for Teenage Girls is similar to many of the books already listed here but it’s a good choice if the others can’t be found or you or your teen are like me and like to read everything. It’s a good choice for being real with teens.

A quote from my review:

It’s written in a way that I think makes it both easy to understand, but not as if the author is talking down to the reader. There is no judging or hidden underlying messages. I personally dislike books for teens that are slipping in “be abstinent” or other lessons into each chapter. I prefer books that give teens all the facts and let them decide.

Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks - 6 Nonfiction Books for Teenage GirlsEverything Sucks is the only memoir in the group but it is the best memoir too. The subtitle is Losing My Mind and Finding Myself in a High School Quest for Cool. Reading the book is like having Hannah there with you sharing her high school experiences.

Hannah has a mixture of experiences so that everyone should be able to identify with at least one of them.

A quote from my review:

The writing style is what kept me captivated. It was almost like the author was sitting across from me telling me her story, which to me is a sign of a good memoir. Her stories were funny but also in some ways amazing. A few times I was wondering if something really happened to her, it just seemed a bit extreme.

I hope you found a book for you or your daughter. These are my top six picks for teenage girls.

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