Dr. Jack’s Dog Facts by John Bloxham, D.V.M.

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Dr. Jack's Dog Facts Book Review

Stars: ****

Subtitle: A Guide to Common Canine Ailments
AuthorHouse (2014)
Veterinary Medicine
73 pages

I received this book for review. All opinions are honest.

This little booklet goes through a dog’s body from nose to tail and goes over all the common problems a dog can experience from tapeworms to hip dysplasia to fleas to glaucoma to clogged anal glands (you know, when the dog is scooting around on it’s bottom.)

It is not meant to be used as a guide to diagnose your own pet but as a general guide to common ailments. If after reading you think your dog may suffer from one of these problems, consult your vet.

“ This book is intended to be a ready source of helpful information concerning the more common disease conditions of dogs, gleaned from over fifty years of veterinary practice experience. These are not all of the afflictions, by any means, but those most commonly presented in the clinics and hospitals on a daily basis. The reader will be addressed, and information given, just as if bringing your dog into my office or inquiring by phone.” – pg vii (Foreword)

The book was very interesting and I think I’ll be more aware if in the future my dog shows any of the symptoms mentioned and I’ll be able to take him to the vet with a little background knowledge. The book is just the right length, giving just enough information on each section without going on and on. Just the right amount of detail is given too, so that you don’t have to worry about going eww for the most part (except perhaps the anal gland section but just a little.) That section actually was very interesting.

The writing style is just like the Foreword says, like a conversation with your vet.

“But wait! Something is different now.. that nose is usually cold and wet but this morning it is warm and dry. Why is this? And, what does this mean? Before you scramble to call your veterinary hospital for an appointment, please be advised there is no reason for alarm.” – pg 1

I recommend this book for dog owners and lovers who want to know a bit more about dog health.

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