Where Do You Read? #BookBlogWriMo

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Today’s #BookBlogWriMo post is about where you read. I mentioned a bit about that yesterday when I said I read in the bathroom so I thought I’d ask some fellow bloggers where they read and share it with you! I love that reading can be done anywhere, in any part of the world, any place in your house, any time of the day. It’s a universal activity.

I read in the car while waiting for my daughter to come out of school. It´s not only a matter of nothing else to do there but a matter of no distractions. You can tell when a book is good because I arrive earlier at the school doors. http://paulabuenosaires.com/

I have to read in bed, snuggled up under the covers, preferably in the dark with just my Kindle aglow. I totally wish I could read in the library or bookstore but now as soon as I start reading, all I want to do is get in PJ’s and hop into bed to read for hours. http://www.momssmallvictories.com

Usually at night, in bed. It’s the only “down” time I have and it usually takes me awhile to fall asleep (or to get the baby to sleep) so I read. http://lifeasleels.com

I honestly read in the bathroom a lot because that’s the real chance I get to read in peace. I also do read while my kids are playing outside. If I go on long trips with my husband I’ll bring a long a book too. http://www.tidbitsofexperience.com

I read either in the bathroom or in bed when I’m about to pass out. It’s the only time I have where the kids won’t bother me. http://www.birdcagefreelance.com

I often read on my couch or in bed. However, I do have a special (and comfy) chair I bought from a thrift store just for reading! readingauthors.blogspot.com

Where do you read?

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