#BookBlogWriMo 11/2 How I Read

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I’ve written about my book preferences a few times and my reading habits before but they have changed a bit since then too.

I used to spend HOURS reading books and hours at the library too. You know, back when I had no children, or just the one who would sleep in the stroller at the library. Yeah that’s not me anymore. Now I’m the mom holding the book with one hand and the baby in the other (who is trying to rip the pages out of my book) while my preschooler runs laps around me and my two older girls are screaming at each other behind me.

When I DO get to read…

I prefer:

  • hardcovers to paperbacks
  • physical books to ebooks
  • nonfiction to fiction
  • YA books to adult books
  • short books to long books
  • reading many books at once to only one book at a time
  • using a bookmark to dog-earing pages

I don’t get a lot of time to read with 5 kids and 4 blogs so right now, I read whenever I can squeeze in a  few moments. Often it’s in the bathroom! I’ve perfected the art of reading a few sentences at a time if I have to be quick. Sometimes I get longer and sometimes I read long after I’m done because I’m enjoying the quiet. More often than not though I have kids screaming at each other outside the door and my reading time is cut short. I used to read before bed every night but not anymore. If I so much as crack a book before bed, I will pass out reading it.


About Kathleen

I've been a nonfiction lover for as long as I can remember. I love children's nonfiction as well and love to share my knowledge and the books I gained them from, with the world. I wish more people would give nonfiction a chance.