Studying Books in School Mini-Comic

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Studying Books in School

Studying Books in School

I loved the books we studied in school, but I didn’t like STUDYING books in school. I liked The Giver, Pigman, A Separate Peace and Lord of the Flies in grade school. I enjoyed Shakespeare and Brave New World in high school. I even read some books that I didn’t personally study in school but many others have such as Fahrenheit 451 and To Kill a Mockingbird.

I found I enjoyed the books I studied way more when I read them on my own. The Giver especially is one of my favourite books and I have read it over 6 times. I just re-read it yesterday in fact to prepare myself for watching the movie they made out of it today.

As a child, I still preferred nonfiction but I did read more fiction than I do now. When we were studying books, I always read ahead. I’ve always been a fast reader and I couldn’t stand waiting for my class to catch up to see what happened next.

Perhaps this is why I was never interested in a Book Club. I don’t want to discuss every aspect of the book with other people and more importantly, read little bits at a time. I do like discussing what I read (or I wouldn’t have a review blog) but I want to talk about the whole book with other people who have read the whole book or want to. Not chapter by chapter.

If you didn’t like studying books in school, look up the books you read in class and buy yourself a copy. Challenge yourself to read it again at your own pace. Rediscover the books.

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Did you like studying books in school? Did you at least like the books? Have you read any of them again? Do you participate in book clubs?

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