4 Organization Tips for Book Reviewers

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Read Sleep Repeat has a Bloggiesta mini challenge on Productivity and Organization and as part of it, she encourages us to share our tips on our blog; read on for some Organization Tips for Book Reviewers.


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4 Organization Tips for Book Reviewers

  1. Have an In/Out Sheet for books if you get them sent to you for review. Add the book to the in sheet when it comes in to your house and include the title, author if you want, date it arrived, date it was published or will be published (if an ARC) and anything else important like if it’s part of a book tour and when or where it came from (blog network, Good Reads, direct from author or publisher etc.)
    Sign the out sheet when you are done reading and include date finished. Have a spot to check off things you do with book you review like post review to GoodReads or Amazon or related sites and a spot to check when it’s been reviewed on your blog.
  2. You may want to consider organizing your bookshelves to group books to read and book read but not reviewed. I have shelves for those two categories and then when it’s been reviewed I decide if I will be giving it away or keeping it. If I choose to keep the book, it gets put on the rest of my bookshelves the way I organize them.
  3. When you sit down to read a book you plan to review, use an index card as a bookmark and keep a pen or pencil handy. When you find something you want to comment on in your review or a quote you want to use in your review, make a note on the index card. Include page number and a little note to remind you what you wanted to say, comment on or quote. Use this card when you sit down to write the review.
  4. If you run giveaways, use a giveaway tracking sheet to keep track of all the details. You’ll want to include if you have advertised, picked a winner, emailed the winner or sent the info back to your book contact yet. I have a whole Pinterest board with Blogging Planners/Printables and many of them include a giveaway tracking sheet. Look through them to find the one that works for you or create your own.


How do you organize your book reviewing? Did you find any of these tips helpful?

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